Help wanted

This page is for things I would like help with. The content will change as the project progresses. If you can help, please use the contact form!

Info on LA4FK

Outside the ham universe he was also known as Gunder Albert Krogsæther.

I want to put up a small page about LA4FK as a ham. If you can help with information that would be appreciated. Did you know him? Did you have a memorable QSO? Do you have any story with him? Perhaps you got your license about the same time? Do you know of contributions he made to the hobby? Perhaps a picture in an amateur radio context? Do you have any story with him and this particular rig (HR-10/DX-60)?

With your permission I would like to use such information for the page.

BFO injection level

Many users complain about the low level of the BFO signal in the HR-10. Do you have any experience to share?

SB-600 manual

I couldn’t find a complete scan of the SB-600 speaker manual online. If you can provide a complete scan I am sure the Heathkit community would appreciate it.

Capacitor maintenance

That pesky capacitor. Especially lubricant advice.

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