Home made VFO, DX-60 and HR-10

I am restoring and attempting to put back on the air a set of Heathkit DX-60 AM/CW transmitter, Heathkit HR-10 receiver and a homemade VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) for the transmitter. All three originally built and used by LA4FK (SK).

Please follow my intermittent progress and perhaps help me with information!

Main objectives

  • With reasonable measures, prepare the station for display
  • Get the station on air at least once on CW, using the same old straight key used with the station
  • Get the station on air at least once on AM. Possibly on Nostalgiringen.
  • Publish a story about the radio in the story section of LA2OLD.
  • Fit a suitable microphone.
  • Assemble and post information on the original builder, LA4FK.
  • Document the work for the family of LA4FK and anyone interested.

Secondary objectives

  • Get in touch with other Heathkit fans
  • Join other AM-rings
  • Make the DX-60 transmit on 30, 17 and/or 12 meters.


There is no finish date or schedule otherwise. The project may last for weeks or years and may be paused for long times without warning.


These are the people I have in mind when writing:

  • The family member(s) of LA4FK (SK) who built and used the equipment
  • Heathkit fans
  • Radio amateurs

A lot of the writing will be technical and assuming a knowledge that is common among radio amateurs. Given that the equipment is tube type (“hollow state”) and most young amateurs are not too familiar with tube technology I may occasionally explain or draw parallels to solid state technology. I would also be happy to explain anything of the writing you find too technical. There will be many common acronyms used. If there is a need I may add an acronym page with explanations. Feel free to use the contact form!


This blog is about the equipment and the journey towards restoration. That is why you will not find information about the author, about amateur radio or much else here.


Unless otherwise noted you can assume photographs are my own. I will normally have higher resolution versions that can be uploaded if there is something you need to take a closer look at. Just ask!


“By popular demand” (i.e. I made a few inquiries) most of the blog will be written in English. Bear in mind that English is not my native language. I am encouraging feedback that can improve or clarify my writing. One or more exceptions will be made for material with potential for publication elsewhere.