Dead tree resources

LA4FK appears to have been a well organized person. With the set came a ring binder with instructions, notes, receipts, copies of articles etc.

Binder with notes and more. Picture shows notes and schematics for a VFO. It is not known if LA4FK ever built that one, but apparently he went far in preparations. Background shows a radio glossary and a textbook on radio building.

A lot in it does not seem useful. A few things works as useful pointers in the restoration work. There is very little in there that is material for the blog. Except perhaps a couple of things. Something in there was a puzzle for me. I think I shall make a puzzle for you to solve. In a future blog post.

Two books were also included. There have been some development in technology since these books were published in the 60’s. Some fun tidbits found anyway. I found one curious little thing to write about there.

No trees were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

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