Strings attached

HR-10 flywheel during work.

When I first put my hand on the HR-10 receiver I noticed the tuning didn’t work. First thing to suspect is something mechanical, especially the dial string with all its pulleys and stuff. As soon as I opened the receiver I noticed the stuck variable capacitor and didn’t look any further. I’ve made some progress on the capacitor. Let’s get to that further down. Preparing for reinstalling it, I took a closer look at the dial string mechanism. Working on such mechanisms can be very frustrating at times. Fortunately this one is much simpler than those in my Grundig Satellit 2000.

The flywheel was mounted the wrong way and not tightened at all. It is not critical to the operation of the radio so might have been that way since it was built. However the string was not wound the correct way around the tuning knob axle, which itself was rich on oil. This leads me to suspect that the user was in the process of repairing it but never finished.

Frustrating story short: Now it’s in place (string attached and all) and seems to operate the way it is supposed to. So what happened to that pesky capacitor?

A more docile capacitor

Nostalgic 90 W soldering iron

I used the weekend to get myself a new soldering iron. Well, “new” is not describing it well. It’s older than the HR-10. At 90 Watts it emits 3 to 4 times as much heat as the one that couldn’t unsolder the contacts on the capacitor. Neither could this one. Not even the two combined with plenty patience added.

So I did as best as I could using plenty alcohol and time. Rinsed in water, dried with compressed air and added bicycle lubricant through a syringe. Also, importantly, I forced the ends of the frame apart. That seemed to reduce friction quite a bit. Not sure how it could have become compressed in the first place. The frame is strong and not exposed to any considerable forces inside the cabinet.

The net result anyway is a significant improvement. I’d like to see it even smoother, but this isn’t too bad. Importantly, there are no dents in the travel anymore.

Photo taken before most of the cleaning.

Remounting in the radio could happen any day now. I am looking forward to the day this receiver is operating well with no strings attached 🙂

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