That pesky capacitor

You may remember that a sticky variable capacitor prevents proper tuning of the HR-10. I’ve been cleaning it with alcohol and I think I have found that the rear bearing is what keeps the capacitor from rotating freely.

Rear end of capacitor. Shaft enters the frame. Notice the copper contact soldered to the frame.

At each place were the shaft is supported by the frame there are also strips of copper ensuring good contact with the rotor part of the capacitor. Unfortunately the one at the rear end prevents easy access to the bearing for cleaning and lubrication. I’d like to unsolder the copper contact temporarily to better work on the bearing. But the frame is a very good heat sink and my little soldering iron is not up to the task. Even if I could get the thing unsoldered my iron would not be able to resolder it.

So what do I do? Buy a not-a-flame-thrower? Or bath the bearing in alcohol overnight? Advice appreciated.

Once I’ve got it clean and smooth, should I lubricate the moving contact points in any way? I am afraid most lubricants are poor conductors. What would you do?

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