The project

I am restoring and attempting to put back on the air a set of Heathkit DX-60 AM/CW transmitter, Heathkit HR-10 receiver and a homemade VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) for the transmitter. All three originally built and used by LA4FK (SK).

Please follow my intermittent progress and perhaps help me with information!


Comming soon

  • A “status in brief” section when the number of details pile up
  • Front page links to selected posts

Help wanted

Info on LA4FK.

BFO injection level.

Capacitor maintenance.

Explain product detector schematic.


First and foremost, thanks to Geir, son of LA4FK for saving this equipment and letting me have it!

Thanks to N3RYB for OCR of manual and helpful discussions and comments!

Useful references

Manual, including schematic for HR-10(B) Searchable

Good schematic of DX-60B (believed to be very similar to DX-60)

Manual, including schematic for DX-60

Also worth reading: “Heathkit: A Guide to the Amateur Radio Products” by Chuck Penson

Plenty general Heathkit links from SA7AUY.

Swedish Heathkit club seems a little sleepy. Feel free to revitalize them!

A thoroughly restored HR-10B.

Latest from the Blog

Inverse chronological order.

Comparing old receivers

I am not finished with the HR-10 yet. A performance test is a little premature. Still, that is just what I did today. With the LA2OLD net running on 80 meter I listened using both the HR-10 and my old Grundig Satellit 2000 from about 1975. I should say, the Satellit 2000 was an expensive … Continue reading “Comparing old receivers”

Twisted progress

I have made a significant improvement. I will get to that but not without first boring you with some peculiarities from long time back. You may remember the paper material I got. One reader called it a “time capsule”. Included was the book “Radiobyggeboken” (The radio construction book). Look at what I found in that … Continue reading “Twisted progress”

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